When it comes to your household tap water, you want to provide the very best water for your family. As an essential nutrient, water is what allows our body to function properly. Nowadays, we have a wide variety of choices when it comes to sourcing our water, which is why many individuals utilize wells. Typically, wells provide safe and natural water straight to your tap from the ground, but it isn't without unique drawbacks. Before throwing caution to the wind, and trusting water sourced from your own well, let's take a look at why a filter could save you a lot of frustration when it comes to well water.
While also capable of changing the overall flavor and smell of the water flowing from your faucets, sediment is also the leading cause of damage to household appliances, plumbing, and more. Comprised of particles ranging from rust to sand, sediment wreaks havoc on shower heads, internal plumbing, sink faucets, and dishwashers, to name a few. Renters and homeowners alike may avoid the aforementioned stresses that accompany well management, by simply investing in a high quality sediment water filter to guard against sediment.

Buyer's Guide

In light of the value of protecting internal household components against sediment, we have compiled a list of the top 5 well water sediment filters in 2021 for your consideration. Commonly used in tandem with whole-house filtration systems, sediment filters work with other components to ensure you are provided with the safest, purest water. When searching for a filter that's most compatible with your living space, simply match a sediment filter or whole-house filtration system to your desired pressure, condition, and volume. As well as various styles, each product includes real user reviews so you can make an informed choice.
In order to remove sediment that may flow alongside well water, a sediment filter safeguards your water-based appliances and faucet longevity. This may be comprised of sand, rust, grit, and heavy metals, to name a few. As the water passes through a screen or fine mesh, sediment gets caught up in the filter. In some instances, this means the screen is quickly clogged and may create a distressing mess. This is why it's important to adhere to a wp-com-recommended regular filter flushing schedule, if only to avoid potential disasters down the road. Not only will this keep the filter from spelling disaster, but it will also extend the life of your filter, to ensure you receive a steady flow of trustworthy tap water. There are basically two styles of sediment filters for residential use in order to make drinking well water safe. This includes:

Spin Down Filters

By utilizing centrifugal force, a spin down style sediment filter directs water around a mesh core to push sediment outward. This design easily manages the capture of sediment, without the stress of drops in water pressure. Although that may take place, it is less likely to become a concern due to the overall design. Depending on the model, spin down filters also work well with pressures up to 150 PSI. With regular maintenance, the need to purchase a replacement is negated with routine cleaning.

Cartridge Sediment Filters

By working directly with gravity, a cartridge filter allows water to pass through a net in order to collect particles. Due to the nature of a cartridge style sediment filter, it isn't typically possible to to reuse with regular cleaning. This type of filter routinely catches smaller sediment, which eventually leads to clogs throughout the filter. Once it becomes clogged or dirty, the homeowner or renter will need to replace the entire cartridge. This is especially true in situations where the well water is particularly dirty, or for residential areas that are comprised of more sand than dirt.
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Top 5 Sediment Filters for Wells in 2021

1. Waterdrop Backwash Spin Down Sediment Filter – Best Overall

Keep your water clean with the spin down sediment filter from Waterdrop. By utilizing a 50-micron 316: molybdenum alloy filter, impurities such sand or rust are efficiently blocked from passing through to the tap. With an inherent spin down design, you can trust this filter will keep your well water clear of sediment for years to come. It's heavy duty, BPA free plastic housing is comprised of a German-made PA12 shell, in order to withstand rigorous pressure, explosion, and voltage. This Waterdrop filter is even proven to withstand bursting pressures exceeding 600psi, with superior water hammer resistance.
When routine maintenance comes along, you aren't required to dismantle all of the involved piping or fixtures, as other filters may demand. Once the Waterdrop Backwash Spin Down Sediment Filter is saturated with sediment, all that's needed is to utilize the innovative backwash function. This design quickly flushes away suspended solids and dirt that have become trapped in the filter. With regular flushing, homeowners can expect to receive the full extent of this filter's lifespan.

2. Rusco NT100-100P T-Style Sediment Water Filter – Best Value

A 1”mesh PVC spin down sediment filter, the Rusco NT100-100P operates with a max pressure of 150psi. With a 100-mesh filter, Rusco's t-style water filter is suitable for filtering out grit and sand from new or pre-existing wells. As with any other spin down filter, water passes through the head, before it's directed through the housing in a circulating manner. Particles of sediment are captured by use of centrifugal force, in order to remove fine sediment from well water.
Overall, the Rusco NT100-100P does a fine job at removing grit and sediment from drinking well water. However, the downsides are apparent with leaks at the plastic valve upon installation, which may be avoided by the use of Teflon tape in order to minimize leaks around threads. The use of cheap plastic means this filter feels far from strong or durable, and shortens it's lifespan. On the upside, compared to the iSpring filter, Rusco's sediment water filter is reusable as well as flushable.

3. iFilter's Well Water Filtration System – Premium Option

Whole house filtration systems offer different aspects compared to other styles. As a compact unit, iFilter's well water filtration system is comprised of a two-stage sediment filter in one housing. With it's pressure-release button, filter replacement is simplified with less mess. A 30-micron pleated sediment filter gives this filtration system superior filtration capabilities, with a washable and reusable screen. In order to get the most life out of your filter, utilizing this screen correctly makes all the difference.
This unit is not without negative points, however, especially in terms of regular maintenance. When it comes time to replace iFilter's whole house filtration systems filter, you will find it must be replaced with the exact same filter. According to manufacturer guidelines, in order to adhere to warranty requirements, homeowners must replace filters with iFilter branded replacement filters.

4. iSpring's WSP50GR Sediment Water Filter

By utilizing centrifugal force, the iSpring WSP50GR water filter is another great option for filtering well water in residential homes. Stainless-steel mesh components provide filtration capabilities through a 50 micron filter, in order to prevent rust, sand, and other sediment from clogging your pipes. Maintenance is rather easy, with a housing, and filter cartridge that are easy to clean. The unit's double-sided scraper enables users to keep everything cleaned thoroughly, and further prevents clogging between subsequent stages. While it is tempting to use the finest mesh available, using the wrong mesh has the potential to impact performance in a negative manner.
For quick and easy installation, iSpring's WPS50GR unit features a 360° rotating head. A built-in pressure gauge enables users to determine whether the filter requires replacement or flushing, with a quick look. By being informed, homeowners can stay on top of regular maintenance, in order to keep their unit performing at optimal levels. Although iSpring has made claims that their filter enables a water flow of 15 gallons/minute max, flow may become restricted after a few weeks of use. As far as small pre-filters go, their pricing is also on the more expensive side.

5. Culligan WH-S200-C Whole House Water Filter

Capable of managing water pressure up to 125psi, thanks to a 3/4” inlet and outlet, the Culligan WH-S200-C whole house sediment water filter, this filter has quite a bit to offer. A clear housing enables homeowners to make a quick assessment in regard to cleaning and replacement needs. With pricing closer to high-quality competitors, it's easy to see why the Culligan brand has risen in popularity – which may be unfounded.
While this filtration unit provides enough water flow for small or medium-sized homes, many users have made statements in terms of the high water pressure capabilities claims. After some use, residents experienced considerable drop-off, saying that it was unable to maintain this level of pressure for a long length of time. The housing and style may appear high quality, but Culligan utilized soft plastic – a material that's especially weak around tightened threads. This type of plastic has been known to create leaks over time as it began to weaken.

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