When your RV's water system receives the proper care and regularly required maintenance, the drinking water is considered perfectly safe to drink. In the majority of RV parks, local water sources are utilized. Due to the typical design of RVs, there are several locations where water may be accessed. This means, aside from accessing water, that there are also many places to install a water filtration system. Additionally, there are many water modifying locations by which an RV park may improve water quality to new and improved standards.
The availability of numerous water modifying locations may be slightly inconvenient, due to the required maintenance. After a routine is established, though, it demands very little effort to supply continuously safe water for drinking and cooking.

RV Drinking Water Solutions

  • Quality of Campground Water Sources
  • Water Filter Attached to an RV
  • Water Filtration System Found Inside an RV
    • Under-Sink Water Filter
    • Countertop Water Filter
  • Fresh Water Tank Maintenance

Campground Water Source Quality

For those of you who are less than familiar with the community's water supply within their RV park, it’s highly advisable to speak to a staff member in regard to overall quality. These individuals may provide a heads-up in the event of issues or problems associated with the water supply. Typically, they are willing to share info in the event of cloudy tap water, and more. Additionally, park staff will further warn tenants in regard to warnings when boil advisories are put into place.
While the aforementioned is true in terms of developed countries, there are many places where individuals have been warned against drinking the local water during visits. Even though the locals may consume their tap water without issue, it isn't safe for visitors to drink local water in many cases. It may not be a necessary or common rule to avoid drinking the water, but it's a good idea in an RV park you don't regularly frequent. The water may be perfectly fine for long term residents and locals, but should be avoided at all costs by travelers – always ask for hard copies of supplied water quality reports.
While you are connecting your RV to the water outlet, consider whether you'd be comfortable drinking straight from the faucet. This provides a good gauge when determining whether the local water source is safe for you to consume. Many residents avoid drinking tap, and use filters to keep RV water sources safe for cooking and drinking.

Water Filter Attached to the RV

When hose impurities are a concern, an attaching water filter will better enable you to use non-drinking water wp-com-recommended hoses for drinking and cooking uses. However, this should be used with caution. Drinking water approved hoses should be used regardless of attachment location. This is because, as a filter loses effectiveness, or in the event of malfunctions taking place, you won't be putting yourself, and your family at further risk. Using non-drinking wp-com-recommended water hoses, even with a filter, runs the danger of contaminating various water supplies.
In order to make it easier for you to understand the difference, simply consider non-drinking water approved hoses to be similar to that of a garden hose. Thankfully, it's simple enough to avoid the use of a non-drinking water approved hose altogether, especially considering RV drinking water approved hoses are comparatively priced.
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Water Filtration System Inside RV

When you are in precise control of the water quality, the end result will be higher quality drinking and cooking water. Basically, a filter will provide you with safe tap water, regardless of the quality or contaminants at the source. This can be done by utilizing a filter on kitchen and bathroom taps, as well as adding one to the RV park's water faucet.

Under-Sink Water Filter

1. Waterdrop Ultra-filtration Under Sink Water Filter System
Under-sink filter units provide a superior method of water filtration, for filtered, clean water that's safe to drink or cook with on your RV. A filtration unit, such as the Waterdrop smart under-sink ultrafiltration TSU system not only saves space under your sink, but also filters out contaminants up to 0.1 microns in size. This means sediment, rust, chlorine, bacteria, and other minerals, microbes, and chemicals are effectively removed. An extended filter lifespan also provides up to two years of filtered use, effectively reducing the need for frequent filter replacements.
Not only will the nearly complete removal of the aforementioned contaminants create better tasting and smelling water, but it equal healthier bodies, too. The only downside to a UF filter is that it is incapable of removing TDS. Although it retains the majority of beneficial minerals typically found in tap water, the Waterdrop TSU system cannot stand up to RO systems in situations where source water exceeds ideal TDS levels (500PPM in the USA).
2. Aquasana 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System
The Aquasana under sink water filter is NSF 42, 53 and 401 certified to remove various contaminants including lead, mercury, asbestos, chlorine, and more. Healthy water at only 9 cents per gallon the included sediment pre-filter increases performance capacity to give you a full 600 gallons of healthy water. Zero additives and zero waste - no water is wasted during the filtration process and no harmful contaminants are added back into the water.

Countertop Water Filter

1. Waterdrop Chubby Water Filter Pitcher
Other simple RV filter options include a space saving countertop style filter, such as a water filter pitcher. The Waterdrop water filter pitcher provides carbon blocks, and other various media, to reduce or remove rust, sediment, chlorine, and other harmful substances.
One of the top benefits to a countertop pitcher style water filter is the sheer portability and compact design. This enables users to take them anywhere on the go, regardless of where they're headed. The biggest downside to a water filter pitcher is the lack of capacity, which requires frequent filling for a continuous supply of clean drinking water.
2. APEX Quality Countertop Drinking Water Filter
The APEX MR10-50 countertop system efficiently removes foul flavor and odors, while also adjusting your tap's pH to more suitable levels. By employing a 5-stage filter, the APEX countertop water filter removes contaminants such as chlorine. Unfortunately, the MR10-50 is incapable of removing solids such as fluoride, a common concern for many homeowners or health conscience individuals. Set up in stages, the APEX MR10-50 filter features a remineralizing element in order to adjust pH levels. If pH is a concern in your home, this APEX may bring your water to a level close to 7, or 8 ½. Overall, you can expect a lifespan of 750 gallons out of these filters before replacement.

Fresh Water Tank Maintenance

Regardless of how well water is filtered during the filling of a fresh water tank, the holding tank will require regular maintenance and cleaning. This is simply because of the nature of bacteria and algae when it comes to water. These two organisms have the innate ability to sneak into water sources nearly unnoticed – until they begin to grow. While these organisms are basically harmless while they grow, they can lead to bigger problems down the road. It's once they begin to die, and decay that RV residents will begin to take notice.
A few solutions include the addition of specially designed liquids, pills, and powders to aid in the cleaning of water tanks. During sanitation and maintenance, these cleaning solutions work to eliminate the presence of unwanted bacteria, algae, and more. Take precautions while using these cleaning solutions, as they tend to be toxic to humans and animals alike.
For the reasons mentioned above, water tank maintenance should not be taken for granted, or put off time and time again. This regular cleaning is an extensive topic of its own, with specific recommendations, especially in regard to tank flushing methods, and more. For the benefit of your friends and family, simply refer to your RV's service manual, in order to regularly provide safe, and clean fresh water between regular cleaning.

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