You rely on municipal water sources for your tap water, usually sent to your home’s faucets through the municipal pipes. While the municipal tap water is filtered, it is not safe enough for drinking. The presence of impurities in tap water has been confirmed severally. This is often due to recontamination from the aging pipes.
Most homeowners install a faucet filtration system to remove these contaminants and make their tap water fit for drinking and other domestic use. But how do they know the right faucet filtration system? You can only get this decision right by making the right considerations, including the performance, price, brand, and maintenance.
This blog discusses two different filtration systems – the faucet water filter and the pitcher water filter. Read on to learn more.

Faucet Filter and Pitcher Filter compared.

It is not surprising that people have a slight bias for pitcher filters. They are more affordable and delivers great-tasting pure water. In addition, the pitcher water filter is simple to use and can shape your conviction about filtered water. However, there is a downside to using a pitcher filter. You must fill it up each time you empty the filtered water. This might be a lot of work for some people, and if this is you, you should consider a faucet water filter instead.
Like pitcher filters, faucet filters are entry-level filtration systems. The filtration principles in both filter systems are similar. They are both effective against the same contaminants and are in the same price range. But there is something about a faucet filter that makes it slightly better: the internal filter. The filters included in faucet water filters are designed to last longer, in addition to removing more contaminants. So, these features can contribute to an even healthier, cleaner, and great-tasting water, compared to what you get from a pitcher filter.
Another significant advantage of faucet filters over pitcher filters is that there is no need for constant refilling. Faucet filters filter water directly from your faucet. As a result, the water coming out of a tap fitted with a faucet filter is already pure and fit for drinking. Also, faucet filters are equipped with a switch that helps you choose between unfiltered tap water and filtered water.

What contaminants can faucet filters remove?

Faucet filtration systems provide filtered water that is suitable for coffee, brushing teeth, washing, bathing, creating an infant formula, and, of course, drinking. The filters in faucet filtration systems are effective against suspended pollutants, algae, rust, and insects. Others include pesticides, estrogen, heavy metals, and chemicals. The filters also remove bad odor and taste to improve the quality of the filtered water.
The filter media in faucet filtration systems contain CTO carbon block, activated carbon fiber, ceramic, etc. Interestingly, certain faucet filters do not meet the standards for direct drinking. This is why you should go for filters that rely on the advanced ACF long-lasting water faucet filtration system. Such filters offer filtered water that meets the standards for direct drinking. This is the only way to guarantee the safety of your family.
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Our Faucet Filter Recommendations

Waterdrop WD-FC-06 NSF Certified Stainless-Steel Faucet Water Filter

The first outstanding feature of the Waterdrop faucet filter is the NSF International Certifications. The NSF/ANSI Standard 42 certification means the filter has been tested for chlorine reduction. The NSF/ANSI Standard 372 certification means the filter has been tested for lead-free materials. The presence of advanced activated carbon block as the filter media means the filter is effective against rust, sediment, lead, and other impurities in water. There is also an additional mineralization filtration media, ensuring you don’t miss out on all the beneficial minerals in tap water.
This filter delivers an impressive water flow at 0.5 GPM, which remains stable at all times. You can get up to 320 gallons of filtered water or three months of optimal filtration performance. There is a dedicated switch to move between filtered water and unfiltered tap water. The adoption of 304 food-grade stainless steel means the product is 100% safe for use. We have also included a 360-degree swivel angle function to ensure you can use the faucet at any angle.
You will have no problems whatsoever installing this filtration system. With all the necessary tools and functional parts included in the box, you just have to connect them and start enjoying filtered water. The simple design makes installation easier, faster, and more enjoyable. It can stay on your countertop without drilling, so it is suitable for homes, RVs, and rental housing. Ensure that you check the installation kit to confirm it is compatible with your faucet.
This product is BPA-free and lead-free. The high-quality carbon blocks used as the filter media are made from Sri Lanka coconut shells. We are committed to ensuring you get great-tasting water at all times, so you can cut down on your bottled water purchase.

Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Water Faucet Filter

The Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Water Faucet Filter relies on the activated carbon fiber to reduce the harmful contaminants in your tap water. The direct connection of the filter to your faucet means you get filtered water anytime you open your faucet. This is more convenient and faster than waiting for the water to pass through a pitcher filter.
Installing a filter has never been easier with the Waterdrop FC-01. There is no need to assemble or disassemble any part. You also do not need to bring in a plumber to install the system.
The inbuilt switch gives you an option between unfiltered and filtered water every time. So, if you want to cook or wash, you can go for the unfiltered water and reserve the filtered water for drinking only. The 360-degree swivel of the filter adds even more convenience and ensures that the filter fits in most standard faucets and sinks. However, if you use a pullout or a handheld faucet, this faucet water filter is not compatible.
You may struggle to fit the plastic adaptor on the filter to certain sinks. While this may be slightly inconvenient, you can reach out to the company. They will fix the situation by sending you a metal replacement adaptor.
Also, unlike under sink filters or refrigerator filters, faucet filters are inserted into your sink, making them more prone to bumping. So, do not expect strong durability.

Which is the best water filter for you?

There are no better ways to familiarize yourself with filtered water and filtration systems than faucet-mounted and pitcher water filters. They make your water safe and pure by removing contaminants while reducing the adverse impacts of plastic bottled water on the environment.
Suppose you are thinking of a water filtration solution for the long term. In that case, you should consider a reverse osmosis water filter or similar advanced water filters instead of these basic filtration options. These filters are cheaper based on the water per gallon ratio. In addition, they are effective against more contaminants, including chloramine, chlorine, fluorine, and other toxins added to the water during the municipal treatment process. Therefore, we recommend the APEC 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System for starters.
You can save yourself from the stress of repeatedly refilling a water pitcher filter by going for a faucet-mounted water filter. First, a faucet water filter is easier to use. Second, it doesn’t force you to give up refrigerator space to accommodate one. Finally, the filtered water from these filters is slightly better than what the pitcher water filters offer.

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