Water filters are not a common consideration when it comes to RVs or campers. However, if you are planning to hit the road for any length of time, some method of water purification should top your list of things to do. Overall quality, flavor, and sent are a main variable when moving between RV parks, and other types of campgrounds. Because you can’t confirm the quality of available water sources, it is best to plan for water filtration before your wheels even leave the driveway.
From cooking to drinking, washing dishes, showering, and cleaning, water is an element you can’t go without. If you live or spend any length of time in your camper or RV, it is best to avoid the stress of unpredictable water quality. By investing in and installing a water filter of your very own, you will take complete control of the quality of water flowing into your camper, regardless of your location. If this sounds like something you’d prefer to supply to your family, please check out the guide we have put together on your behalf.

What Benefits Are Expected by An RV Water Filter?

As with any type of water filter, the goal of water purification in an RV is to avoid the flow of heavy metals, sediment, and other types of microorganisms and contaminants. While traveling between various campgrounds, and RV parks, the quality of available water sources may be questionable. In order to avoid damaging the RV appliances and pipes, and to ensure your personal health, water filters may keep the tap water safe.

Three Primary Benefits of RV Water Filters

1. Improve the flavor, scent, and safety of your RV tap water. Filters reduce contaminants and chlorine, which contribute to foul flavors, and more.
2. Protect appliances and plumbing of your RV. Water filters prevent damage due to sediment or limescale buildup, as well as clogs.
3. Save money by avoiding the need of purchasing bottled water. Reduce your dependence upon plastic, by investing in a water filter especially made for your RV.
Unlike common beliefs, potable water doesn’t ensure the water flowing through to your RV is either completely pure, or in any way distilled. Water quality provided by various campgrounds is not treated by additional methods before it reaches your RV or camper. In order to avoid allowing sediment to flow through your RV, straight into your water glass, it’s best to install a secondary water filter to your own system. This will prevent contaminants from flowing throughout your camper, regardless of the quality of the water source.
Three Major Factors to Consider Before Choosing An RV Water Filter

Three Major Factors to Consider Before Choosing An RV Water Filter


Various particles go right to work clogging RV pipes, and dirtying up the water supply. This level of particle is measured in microns, which directly correlates to the filtration capabilities of a purification system.

Flow Rate

It may be tempting to buy the lowest micron measurement available, but this has a direct impact on your overall flow rate. While the filter removes more particles, it also makes it more difficult for water to flow through, affecting water pressure through resistance.


Maintenance is another aspect to water filtration, especially in regard to how often you want to have to make replacements. You will never get away with a one-time filter installation. However, you should pay attention to the frequency of which each manufacturer requires filter cartridge replacements – if only to save frustration down the road.

Commonly Available RV Water Filters

Internal RV Water Filter

If you need to save space on the outside of your rig, an internal RV water filter can be quite beneficial. This would be installed at the point where city water enters the camper. This enables individuals to utilize a large filter, in order to put less strain on the entire system.

A Hybrid Approach to Filtration

This is a common approach to water filtration in a motorhome, and one many people are turning to. By installing an external water filter as basic filtration, before installing a more advanced filter, families can easily maintain clean water for their whole family.

External RV Water Purification

Install an external water filter directly onto the house that flows water into your camper. This simple form of water purification is a great option for filtering particles away from water before it reaches your RV.

Top Water Filters for RVs And Campers

Waterdrop RV Inline Water Filter

Backed by an NSF 42 certification, the Waterdrop inline water filter is a great option for RV water purification. Offering long durability, you can enjoy up to 3 months of clean drinking water, to enjoy throughout your traveling activities. Through the use of Kinetic Degradation Fluxion, or KDF, this multi-stage filtration offers commonly unmatched levels of efficiency alongside Advanced Granular Activated Carbon technology. Your family can rest assured they’re consuming safe, clean drinking water, with reduced levels of chlorine. This water filter supplies an anti-king flexible health protector, in order to prevent kinks and strains of your hose, in order to improve water flow for a smooth experience. From RVs to boats, you can enjoy fresh drinking water with Waterdrop’s inline water filter. From cooking to bathing, especially drinking, you can enjoy a reduction of fluoride through food-grade materials.

Camco EVO Premium RV & Marine Water Filter

This RV water filter can provide your RV with protection against bacteria, sediment, and other forms of contaminants. If you prefer to enjoy avoiding bad flavors and odors in your drinking water while traveling in your RV, then you can’t afford to install a subpar water filtration system. Offering dual stage filtration, the Camco unit provides a pre-filter cartridge, in order to remove sediment and prevent clogs further down the line.

FS-TFC RV Inline Water Filters

The FS-TFC inline water filter provides multi-stage filtration, in a highly efficient design. Pairing Advanced Granular Activated Carbon technology, with Kinetic Degradation Fluxion, the FS-TFC provides clean, safe drinking water. By reducing chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, heavy metals, and more, the food-grade housing utilized in this water filter system will hold up well. Simply attach this inline water filter to any standard how right to your RV. The flexible hose protector will prevent kinks and bends, for improved water flow. Individuals may enjoy up to 3 months of consistently clean tasting water, regardless of where the road takes them. Enjoy your camping trip, and put water quality out of your mind, through the installation of an FS-TFC inline water filter for your RV, camper, or motorhome.

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